V-Shape Filling Concentrate - 30 ml - free shipping in D

V-Shape Filling Concentrate - 30 ml - free shipping in D

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WF5 - V-Shape Filling Concentrate

An intense facial serum that actively restores the elasticity of the skin and reverses the signs of relaxation. VALMONT V-SHAPE FILLING CONCENTRATE is part of the AWF5 series based on the use of 5 skin-active ingredients specifically formulated to treat 5 of the most urgent skin problems in aging skin. Vitamin C - to increase the elasticity and to promote the brightness Fibro Boost - to increase collagen and elastin production GAG. Boost - to strengthen the support matrix of skin cells Densi-Derm - to thicken the upper dermis Several peptides and other skin-active ingredients to stimulate cell renewal

RESULT: The facial contour is defined and modeled. The skin appears denser, firmer and pores are minimized. APPLICATION: In the morning and evening, apply product to face and neck and massage gently. Then apply the appropriate cream.