About Valmont:

Valmont uniquely combines Swiss top research and development. At any time, however, also with the focus on tradition, from which comes the natural heritage of exceptional purity.


In 1905 the Valmont Clinic was built in a unique location above Montreux on Lake Geneva. Well-known politicians and artists from around the world came here to rest and enjoyed tailor-made treatments and personal attention.

The birth of cellular Valmont cosmetics was in the 80s. Cosmetic products have been developed to promote skin regeneration after surgery and to prolong the visible results. By researching and using the most active molecules of skin regeneration, such as HP DNA and Native Collagen, a successful treatment concept has been developed. VALMONT aims at the areas that first reveal the signs of aging: the face, décolleté, hands and hair.

VALMONT's care works against skin degeneration caused by a deficiency of moisture, slowing cell renewal, loss of radiance and firmness. For the development of highly efficient cosmetic products, the most active molecules, glacier spring water and the flora of the Alps are used. Valmont's cellular cosmetics provide well-being, safety and efficiency for visible and long-lasting results.