Scientific aspects

Providing highly effective anti-aging care is the goal and vocation of Valmont Cosmetics since 1985. Valmont's anti-aging experts have been developing the unique Swiss cell care cosmetics with care products for more than 30 years, a legacy of the Valmont Clinic, founded in 1905, which provides immediate and long-lasting results with excellent quality. In the course of intensive and years of research Valmont has reached the core of skin cells. Here you will find: the molecules which have unique anti-aging properties: DNA and RNA. Because of the exclusive extraction process, Valmont gains intact macromolecules with an incomparable and regenerative power. As part of the Valmont products, this unique combination strengthens and stimulates the cells, which had to pay tribute to the influence of time and external influences and brings back so beautiful and youthful radiant skin again.

Made in Swiss

As you know, Switzerland is a country with breathtaking landscapes. But also a country with high scientific potential, medical expertise and much more. The pure and protected nature of Switzerland with its countless resources is the source of all high-quality Valmont products.

Development - Tradition - Innovation

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In the early 1980s, an entire team of Swiss biologists and cosmetologists went to work searching for the ultimate weapon to fight the external signs of aging. Building on the concept of cellulotherapy, Valmont researchers delved into the nucleus of the skin's cells, using an exclusive and patented procedure to extract two molecules with exceptional qualities: DNA and RNA.

HP DNA & Triple DNA, Valmont exclusive molecules
DNA is a highly functional key molecule. It works at the cellular level to control the synthesis of proteins in the organism. In cosmetology, the whole secret of DNA lies in its structure. Its double helix structure lends it hydrating properties that are antioxidant, energizing and possessing exceptional powers of cell regeneration. The DNA used by Valmont is derived from the sperm of wild Canadian salmon. A rapid extraction process leaves its molecular structure intact. The DNA is known as “HP” DNA, meaning highly polymerized. Expertly combined with three essential macro-elements (magnesium, calcium and sodium), this HP DNA became Triple DNA. Chosen for their oxygenation and cell revitalization virtues, these three macro-elements instill in DNA all the potency of the mineral world.

Liposome DNA, new prospects for efficiency.
Valmont has exclusively developed a liposome of Triple DNA. The story of its creation is a veritable hymn to scientific research. The fruit of long-standing collaboration between Valmont's R&D department and the savoir-faire of partner laboratories, this innovation represents a true technological masterstroke considering the extraordinary complexity of encapsulating triple DNA in a phospholipid wrap. Protected by a phospholipid gangue, triple DNA can penetrate faster and further, and deliver its full regenerative and reparative power deep into the skin.

Zinc DNA, at the peak of brilliance.
In 2015, Valmont wrote a new page of its history, continuing a saga begun with its flagship ingredient: DNA. A world wide innovation, Valmont created Zinc DNA. Valmont laboratories coupled our celebrated HP DNA with zinc ions to form a Zinc DNA that combines the anti-aging properties of HP DNA with the brightening power of zinc to offer unprecedented results!

Copper DNA, for a renewed anti-aging power.
Constantly pushing back the frontiers of innovation, Valmont is proud to have introduced a new DNA in 2016 as one of its latest HAIR REPAIR creations: Copper DNA. A sacred metal recognized for millenia, from Egypt under the Pharaohs to ancient Greece, not to mention Ayurvedic medicine, today copper is a mineral with proven effectiveness, a key element to ensure the health and beauty of the hair and skin. Copper DNA is a Valmont exclusive combining the properties of copper and DNA to provide highly effective benefits for the hair and scalp.