V-Firm Serum - 30 ml - free shipping in D

V-Firm Serum - 30 ml - free shipping in D

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Firmness and contour correction - Suitable for all ages and all skin types, especially dry skin. Strengthened skin structure.

Replenished Volume Age 40+. Rich milk texture. 15.1% firmer skin*. 95% of women said they saw a reduction in nasolabial folds and tighter facial contours and more defined cheekbones**. Biomimetic efficiency in a delicate milky texture.

This serum strengthens the structure of the epidermis to restore lost volume, improve elasticity and tighten sagging skin - for a firmer facial contour and more elasticity. Its advantages: The V-Firm Serum is an innovative formulation from skin science that wraps the skin in sensual protection and promotes its elasticity and resilience. Its proven, bioavailable active ingredients are targeted by the epidermis to counteract the loss of volume in the facial contours and sagging skin affected by gravity. Specially formulated for complexions showing signs of aging, this rich serum provides plumper, firmer skin.

Its ingredients: Peptide Cocktail for Collagen Production: Matrikines (peptides) regulate the activity of skin cells by "communicating" with their specific receptors, restructuring the extracellular matrix and stimulating cell proliferation - two processes that decline with age. The collagen synthesis is intensified, the skin tissue is enriched and receives new elasticity Density Complex for Strength and Elasticity: A powerful combination of vitamin C, the amino acids lysine and proline necessary for collagen production, a moisturizing glucosamine derivative, an immortelle flower extract for the optimal composition of the skin components and copper, an essential component of collagen and elastin synthesis. Triple DNA for cell stimulation: Valmont's signature molecule with exceptional anti-aging properties that stimulates all cell functions (hydration, regeneration, renewal and metabolism). RNA im Liposome for regeneration: This special liposome encapsulates RNA and urea in a phospholipid membrane to prime and stimulate the regeneration process. Milk Protein (Whey) for Elasticity: Stimulates cellular interaction and collagen production for improved skin elasticity.

Its application: Apply a few drops to face and neck in the morning and/or evening. Massage gently until product is fully absorbed, then follow with V-Firm Eye and V-Firm Cream to complete your firming routine.