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Exclusive anti-aging facial care

With an extra high concentration of advanced active ingredients (hyaluronic acid cocktail, liposome-packed DNA, liposome-packed RNA, elastin reviver, peptide cocktail ...), this intensive care program has a synergistic effect on all biological processes involved in skin aging are. This basic cell cure has a targeted effect on the hydration, energy, radiance, wrinkles and firmness of the skin. An extremely delicate nanoemulsion, as active substance carrier, infiltrates the active ingredients directly into the skin. Within 28 days, the skin looks gentle, regenerated and radiant. The face receives new youthful freshness and looks beautiful vital.

RESULT: The face and contour regain their freshness and youthfulness.

APPLICATION: Apply 3-5 pumps in the morning and evening before usual care - 28 days cure.

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